Friday, December 12, 2008

Freedom from Sin

Yes we are to love sinners, but we are also to hate sin.
“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8
I was a complete sinner when I came to Jesus. My lifestyle was totally ungodly. Jesus still loved me and saved me. But I didn’t stay in that lifestyle. I repented which means I turned away from my old life.

A few months after I got saved I was on the verge to commit fornication. Somebody I had just met and that I wanted to witness to tricked me and I almost fell for it. God gave me an open eye vision to save me from this situation. I saw what seemed to be the courtyard to hell. It was a horrible, hopeless, dark place where all you could hear were wining and moaning. I saw people with their hoods on, and I couldn’t see their faces, instead there were just a black, empty whole .

The agony and the pain in this place were indescribable. I just sat up and shouted to God to take this vision away from me. While it was going on I couldn’t see the room I was in, just this vision. It finally went away and I asked the person to leave and get away from me. I was never tempted again in this area.

There is a battle for our souls. I was lucky the way God led me to a very strong, bible based church where the pastors preached the truth, and nothing but the truth. The bible says that we cannot have faith if we don’t hear. There are many liberal churches that don't preach deliverance from sin. If it’s not preached, it’s not going to happen.

Just take smoking as an example. I believe it’s wrong because it destroys our bodies. I was delivered from smoking because I heard that I could be delivered. I also struggled with it because God delivered me right away when I was saved, but I kept on going to my old "waterholes" the first 6 months, (witnessing), and I played with it and got really stuck. Not until four years later during prayer in my church where everybody including myself, was praying strong in tongues, did I hear myself saying nicotine spirit, and I SAW that spirit leave me, and I knew I was free.

I had been prayed for many times during this time, and I had even tried to quit myself, but this time I was completely free with no withdrawal symptoms at all. Not a sweat, not a shake, nothing. Gone after 18 years!

God can deliver us from anything that keeps us in bondage. He wants to see His children free. And if you’re not a child of God, He wants you to become one.

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