Thursday, November 27, 2008

God and Science

A lot of people think that science and faith in God does not go together.

I have a friend who is a scientist. He was an atheist and he didn't get saved till he was 37. This is way over my brain, but he was convinced there is a God when he saw how precise everything in the universe is set up mathematically. He has written books about it and it’s very interesting.

Just think about the sun, how it’s positioned exactly in the right spot to make life on earth possible. Just a little off course and we would either freeze to death or burn up.
And the infinity of the universe; doesn’t that make you wonder why and what?

Or take another universe which is or bodies. Study any of our organs and tell me it came about by chance. A kidney for example is a very intricate little machine.
Nothing can replace a kidney like somebody else’s kidney.

The Bible says that Satan blinds people to creation so they can’t see that there is a God behind it all.
Romans 1:20;
“For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.”

Friday, November 21, 2008

Humanism and atheism.

Some time ago, I found an article in Modesto Bee, a newspaper in our nearest town. It’s written by Mark Morford. His article has the headline “Teddy Bear Blasphemy 2007” and among other things he is astounded over the Christians reaction to the movie “The Golden Compass.”

There were protests all over America where Christians wanted to warn people and especially children to not see the movie. Looking back, I think Christians succeeded on this one. There was a lot of hype when the movie was released, but the movie just died and did not have the impact the producers had hoped.

This is my reply and the letter I sent to Mark Morford.

Mark, you briefly mention the movie “The Golden Compass” and you make fun of and can’t understand why Christians make such a big deal of a movie about a bear. This is the reason: there is a very deliberate scheme behind the “The Golden Compass.” The movie is not inspired by God, but by the devil and its main target are children. If the devil can saw a seed of serious doubt and disbelief in children early, it will be much more difficult to win them over for Jesus and millions of now kids and later adults will be lost for eternity. That’s the devil’s plan. This is very serious and the reason why Christians are warning people of this movie.
I understand that you are an intellectual and believe that you can fully understand everything. Believe me, without revelation and the Holy Spirit you can’t.

There are some other things in your article. You are very upset over the Pope’s statement that; -“Modern day atheism have led to the greatest forms of cruelty and violations of justice ever known to mankind.”
I heard a man of God say recently that atheism is on the march. I know that he knows as well as I do, that “there is nothing new under the sun”, Ecclesiastes 1:9. I think what he meant was, that it’s taking new forms. Like in the shape of humanism for example where people very purposely work against Christian faith.

What is interesting to me and is a misconception of true history, people like yourself seem to think that there has been a time in history when this world was “Christian “and that now we the humankind have reached a point where we know better. That we have evolved as human beings. Nothing can be further from the truth.

This world has always been “worldly”, and to follow Jesus has always been the narrow road. In every generation the majority of the population has been heathens and only some have found truth and eternal life. There have been times when Christian thinking and Christian ideals have been more or less influential. South Korea today is said to have about 30 % Christians. That’s a very high number. The country that I come from, which is Sweden, is thought to have less than 1 % Christians; a very secular country today. Sweden was the first country in the world to legalize partnership between homosexuals, as early as 1995. Even to the point where the Lutheran church now conduct the ceremony.
The Bible talks very clearly about that lawlessness will take over in the latter days. I believe, and I have heard it being prophesied, that when you create a law that totally goes against what the Bible, which is God’s law says, you open up the door for all kinds of lawlessness. We have seen that in Sweden. We now have crimes that were unthinkable only a few decades ago. We hear about parents killing their children, children killing parents, shootings, and just horrible, horrible things happening.

You seem to think that atheism is the answer to the world’s problems and you can’t name any evil atheist rulers. Let me help you. Want some names of cruel atheists in history? Here are some that have killed millions of people; Lenin, Stalin, Mao TseTung…. Why don’t you do a little research? Hitler used religious symbolism but he was clearly not a Christian and he got some of his inspiration from the occult.
What about Envar Hoxha who was the dictator of Albania? He proclaimed Albania as the first atheistic state. He kept his people in poverty and ignorance for over 40 years. Nobody could ever leave the country and he convinced everybody that the world outside was horrible. They would scare their kids, saying; - “If you don’t behave, we will send you to America.” (I know this since I have had Albanians staying in my home in Sweden when they came to attend bible school.)The truth is that Albania was one of the poorest countries in the world and they are still struggling. (I have been there and seen it with my own eyes). Albania was freed as late as 1993 I think it was.
Look at the Roman emperor Nero back in history. I mean, history is full of cruel atheists, if you really want to know. I’m not a catholic but I think the Pope is right in his statement.

The Christian battle is won with the Word of God which is a spiritual sword. One by one, by one as hearts are being open to and receiving Jesus. Islam is the religion of the physical sword. That’s why we have terrorism. They believe in physical violence and Jihad is a reality in their belief system. I don’t care what has been done in God’s name; you don’t find anything like Jihad in the Bible.
Christian faith is not blind. It’s a faith of revelation. I don’t know what your background is or why you have such a negative view.
There’s a spiritual reality behind all we can see with our eyes. My first eight years as a born again Christian I would go out and witness to people about Jesus. The argument that without religion everything would be great in this world I have heard so many times. I heard it on the streets of Stockholm, and I heard the same argument on the streets of Madrid. There’s a war going on in the spiritual world all the time and the only way for an individual to win in that war is to “join forces” with Jesus.

God is Love

The people I’m debating are on Bill Maher’s website and under his blog on his new movie Religulous.
This is my last reply on this subject unless you who read this have something to add. This is my reply to Binky, obviously gay himself and upset over what I was writing. Just remember from a Christian standpoint, God loves everybody. He just wants to separate us from sin and that goes for all of us. God’s law is eternal and doesn’t change with the times. His values stand firm and doesn’t sway with opinion. This world is going down. The question is; do you want to go down with it?

To Binky

I realize that we can’t stop gays doing what they are doing. What I am against is that they want to influence everybody else to accept their lifestyle. And when I say accept, I mean approve. I can love a gay person with God’s love. It doesn’t mean that I sanction his way of living. As a Christian I’m surrounded by people who curse, drink, fornicate and think they’re living life. I’m not better than them, I have just received God’s salvation and I have been delivered from those kinds of sins. I’m not perfect and never will be, but God has changed my heart so I don’t desire what I used to desire. And everything God says is wrong is there for our benefit. He as a good Father wants the very best for us. He knows what will destroy our souls, what will eat our heart out. All His commands are for our own good. The further from God we live, the further from Love, (GOD is LOVE), the further from peace, (GOD is PEACE), the further from truth, (GOD is TRUTH). You can try and change that as much as you want but God will always win. You can’t win against God. He actually won victory for you through Jesus Christ. So that you can be free and have eternal life. You may not see that yourself but your language is very raw, full of sexual words. I think many gays live in sexual bondage. They talk about love, but it’s very much just about sex and lust and body parts. It’s sad; we are so much more than just a body. We are spirit, soul and body and we are not supposed to live a life where our bodies dictate our lives.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Salt in a rotten world

Here's my response to MJ in So Cal:

Christian leaders should always be for freedom of religion, and the main reason is that true Christian conversion can only be based on free choice. Through history there have been many attempts to make Christianity a state religion. Konstantin the great was the first regent to impose that on his people. This demand on everybody’s submission to the Christian faith actually was the greatest threat to true faith. Christianity is not about traditions and rituals even though many churches have adopted this false religion.

In regards to the issue of homosexuality and what the bible teaches. Jesus told us Christians to be salt in this world. Why? Because this world is in a rotting process. Without the word of God everything is spiraling down continually; morally and spiritually. That’s one of the reasons we are against the spreading of homosexual behavior, (and we believe it is a behavior and not something people are born to.) All sin is wrong in God’s eyes. Sex outside of marriage is also a destroyer and has robbed millions of true happiness. It is not love, it is lust, and cannot fill our deepest needs. We also believe that Jesus can deliver anybody that is in bondage. Lust is a spirit. Why do you think that a lot of homosexuals, men especially, have a very typical way of talking and moving? They are under the same influence and they can be set free.

Somebody mentioned Sodom and Gomorrah before. That whole town was under this influence. When two angels came to visit Lot, the men of the city knocked on the door and demanded that these two, (as they thought), men, would come out so they could lay with them.

This is what it says in Genesis 19:4-5:

“Before they had gone to bed, all the men from every part of the city of Sodom—both young and old—surrounded the house. They called to Lot, "Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them."

God destroyed these towns and Lot and his family were the only ones that survived. It’s all in the Bible. Nothing is new under the sun and history repeat itself. God is always the same though and we have his word to guide us and let us know the right way so we won’t perish.

To Janice:

Regarding Lot and why he didn’t fight these men. Well it says that it was “all the men, from every part of the city..- both young and old”. That sounds pretty overwhelming. And remember God spared only Lot and his family and that only because of Abraham’s prayers. I don’t know why he wanted to offer his daughters, maybe because the thought of these men violating even God’s angels was more than he could handle.

Back to MJ SO Cal, again:

I’ve been around for some time, half a century actually, and only in my lifetime have I seen a tremendous change. More people are falling for the homosexual lifestyle than ever before. And I think especially in your teenage years, if you are encouraged to try you can easily be caught. It’s all about lust really and it can be canalized either way.
I’ve had homosexual friends too. One guy I knew simply said that he thought it was less complicated to live with a man. I have also found that most homosexuals want to spread their lifestyle. There is even a thought pattern among them that everybody is gay, really. And considering it’s all about lust, that could happen when the moral standards break down completely. Many of them have a very clear agenda. They want everybody to bow to their way of thinking and they love to influence the media. It happens in America and all over the world. I’ve seen it in my country. They even take over what is to be family entertainment and dress and act in a way that children shouldn’t have to see. You don’t hear the word seduction very often these days. But it’s still a reality. People are being seduced, doped and numbed. Even in the schools homosexuals want to “inform” children about their lifestyle. It’s a very deliberate propaganda and it’s not just about them being able to live as they want. They want approval, even from Christians.

In Isaiah 5:20 it says:

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”

Hot Topics of our Day

I’m on another blog where I get a lot “inspiration”. There’s a lot of hot topics and confusion out there .
Here in California people got to vote Yes or No on Proposition 8 which states that marriage should be between one man and one woman. The Yes votes were in majority. According to Rick Warren, pastor of Saddle Back Church, (who also hosted a forum with the two presidential candidates on TV), there are about 2% gays. The Yes side won but a lot more than 2% voted against. Why? I think they voted against Christianity in general and the moral standards that Christianity represent.
Now a lot of gays and other people are protesting against the result of the voting. So I guess democracy isn’t good enough when it comes to certain issues. Interesting. They want to change the concept of marriage, which was a Christian idea to begin with, and they want to force Christians and others to accept and approve their lifestyle by law. And they want to force pastors and priests to conduct the ceremony.
It’s quite amazing, and they think they have a right to do so. They even compare their agenda to the Civil rights movement and to when blacks were held in slavery!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cont. Bill Maher's movie Religulous

Like I wrote before, I was 30 when I met Jesus. I was not raised in the church. I believed in God as a child and I never denied him, but I never understood who Jesus was. When I was a teenager I had a career as a singer. I was touring, recording, doing lots of TV. I had quite a life looking from the outside. I was a celebrity, something a lot of people seem to desire to be these days. I have a lot of good experiences from this, I got to travel and see things a lot of people don’t have a chance to, but on the inside I was very insecure and hurt. People can be very brutal to you when you are everybody’s “possession”. Look at Britney Spears for example. What happened to me was I became a seeker. I searched in all kinds of places in my 20’s. I looked into Eastern religions, scientology etc. And I withdraw pretty much from society. To me, the most important thing was to find spiritual answers. It wasn’t till I started to read the bible that my life began to change. I had a lot of anxiety and panic attacks frequently, and I sensed how the words of the bible were speaking to me and were penetrating the darkness inside me. This was going on for about 4 years, and that day at the beach in Spain I was laying in the sun when I felt the Holy Spirit come over me, giving me a choice to choose life or death, and I was sure did I say yes, I would die. But the love I felt was so strong I decided it was worth it. I said yes and the love of God filled my whole being and I was weeping like a baby. It was tears of joy and I was totally crushed at the same time. This happened in August 1985 and my life has never been the same. I’m now 53 if you can do the math, and I totally know what it’s like to not be a Christian. I also know of the anguish and everything else that people go through when they don’t have Jesus in their lives. Fear is a big constant in many people’s life. God’s love can take that away. There are a lot of lukewarm churches, where there’s no fire of God. When I first was saved, God led me to a church where the presence of God was so strong sometimes you had to hold on to something to not fall over. I now live in America, and I know there are churches like that here too. I have not seen that move of God here in California. The Pentecostal movement started on Azusa Street in L.A and I believe it can happen again. It can even happen to you Bill Maher!

Bill Maher's new movie Religulous

I have not seen Bill Maher’s movie, but I’ve seen him on TV and heard him on the radio totally mocking Christianity. I think Christianity can take a punch or two, and I don’t even think it’s wrong to joke about some of the more human aspects of Christian life. I have found that God has a lot of humor and I have laughed in church more than anywhere else. When the Holy Spirit is at work many times very funny situations are created. And this is happening in spirit filled churches. But I think Bill Maher together with atheists and humanists have on their agenda to get rid of Christianity. Which is absurd. It’s like wanting to get rid of the creation itself. Just because Bill Maher can’t understand Christianity doesn’t mean he should try and wipe it out. Truly, nobody can understand God. The only way you can get to know Him and get a glimpse of who He is, is through revelation. Revelation is the Holy Spirit revealing spiritual truths to man. No matter how intelligent or intellectual we are, our human mind cannot comprehend the knowledge of God. Only through receiving words from God to our heart, spirit, can we start to know who God is.
Here are some of the things I wrote on Bill Maher’s blog. Let me know what you think…

I guess my hope is that Mr Maher himself will read this. It’s interesting how he with all his wit and smartness have the same arguments as any man on the street. I’ve been talking to people in many countries and they all think they are very original in their thinking, but the way they oppose the gospel is almost identical. One big mistake Bill Maher is making is, that he thinks that Christianity is a religion. True Christianity is NOT a religion. It’s the only way man’s spirit can be born again and come alive. Through Jesus Christ we can get divine life into our very core being. No religion can do that. A monkey can be trained to be NICE, but that’s not what Christianity is about. WE are not NICE, we are filled with the power of GOD. There are a lot of Christians whose only aim is to be NICE, but that’s not what Jesus died for. He came to deliver us from DEATH which is holding people captive. Jesus conquered DEATH. That’s not religion, that’s REAL! I was 30 when I was born again. My whole life was radically changed. I didn’t even go to a church to receive Jesus and His resurrection power. I was all by myself on a beach in Spain. I found a church later, because with my new life and revelation of the truth, I wanted to have fellowship and teaching from other Christians. No movement can stop people from get to know Jesus personally. They tried in China and they have tried in Soviet Union. Now people are trying very deliberately to kill Christianity in America. There are groups of atheists and humanists that are trying very hard. No man can stop The Holy Spirit from talking to and revealing the truth to any human being. It doesn’t matter if she’s in prison or in a country run by dictatorship. Not even in America with all her freedom can the gospel of Jesus Christ be stopped. In every generation there have been and are people that are saved. In these latter days more people than in all history together will come to faith and there’s nothing either Bill Maher or anybody else can do about it. It will come to pass. I hope you who read this will be one of those people that receive eternal life and heavenly joy.