Monday, November 17, 2008

Hot Topics of our Day

I’m on another blog where I get a lot “inspiration”. There’s a lot of hot topics and confusion out there .
Here in California people got to vote Yes or No on Proposition 8 which states that marriage should be between one man and one woman. The Yes votes were in majority. According to Rick Warren, pastor of Saddle Back Church, (who also hosted a forum with the two presidential candidates on TV), there are about 2% gays. The Yes side won but a lot more than 2% voted against. Why? I think they voted against Christianity in general and the moral standards that Christianity represent.
Now a lot of gays and other people are protesting against the result of the voting. So I guess democracy isn’t good enough when it comes to certain issues. Interesting. They want to change the concept of marriage, which was a Christian idea to begin with, and they want to force Christians and others to accept and approve their lifestyle by law. And they want to force pastors and priests to conduct the ceremony.
It’s quite amazing, and they think they have a right to do so. They even compare their agenda to the Civil rights movement and to when blacks were held in slavery!

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